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Habakkuk was so deeply affected by his time in prayer that his heart was pounding, his lips quivering, his body feeling weak, and his legs wobbling. What was it that had impacted him? Have you ever been impacted like this in prayer? Habakkuk was complaining about the wickedness of Judah [...]
Mon, Aug 07, 2017
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There are people who would not surprise you if they didn't understand basic Christian teaching. But sadly, the people we last expect to surprise us with their confusion, are those that do; people who have been in church for so many years simply don't understand the Gospel. Do you? We [...]
Mon, Jul 24, 2017
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If one person in your church was chosen to judge everything about your life on the coming Sunday, and that judgment would be final, surely there would be no one at the service the next Sunday. This world is so performance fixated that it is natural for people to fall [...]
Mon, Jul 17, 2017
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The first step in understanding justification is seeing your need for it. So many people are not concerned about being justified because they misunderstand God, their sin, and the value of their religious efforts. The person who has been abandoned to his sin, welcomes that abandonment as a positive thing [...]
Tue, Jul 11, 2017
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