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There is something in the human heart that simply won't accept that it is as bad as God says it is, and that they need God's salvation as much as they do. Even Jesus' disciples had a hard time understanding this. Jesus is exalting people who are takers, not givers. [...]
Mon, Jul 09, 2018
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You will not understand the beauty of salvation until you understand your need for it. Jesus tells a parable about a man who had a remarkable track record for keeping God's law. He was a Pharisee. he prays with gratitude and he highlights the good he does. In contrast, a [...]
Mon, Jun 11, 2018
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Two valuable truths regarding Jesus' return: We should expect a delay. We should be concerned about overemphasizing Jesus' return to the point where it leads us into error. The problem today, however, is that the world is sleeping. Many Christians are sleeping too. Many are not actively anticipating Jesus' return. [...]
Mon, Jun 04, 2018
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The dread of facing a magistrate when you are guilty, doesn't seem to last when you are free. This seems to be the case when people think about the coming judgement of Christ. No dread. No concern. No change in life. Even in a lesser tragedy, people can understand the [...]
Mon, May 28, 2018
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