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How does God want you to respond to sickness? Should a Christian feel sad? Are there right and wrong ways to be sad over sickness? Christians are trapped between suffering and the new order of the coming kingdom. Are there right and wrong ways for Christians to desire to get [...]
Tue, Jun 18, 2019
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Are you easily deceived? Someone has said that the church is damaged by error in the pulpit and public gullibility. For example, a gullible congregant would sit and listen to a pastor who claims to have direct revelation from God. John warns Christians to cultivate discernment regarding what they listen [...]
Wed, Jun 12, 2019
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What would you like for someone you love? Spiritual stability is certainly a worthy desire. Consider Paul's spiritual stability throughout his four years in prison. He can still write to the Philippian church with joy. At the heart of his stability is the drive to make God look beautiful, even [...]
Mon, Jun 03, 2019
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How do we relate to people who are different to us? Today there is such a strong public attitude that you should not judge. Even if people don't care about the Bible, they us it to support their objection that you should not judge them. God's wrath is certainly not [...]
Mon, May 27, 2019
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