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Unending Hope for the Exhausted Addict Picture

  • Why Should I Read This Book?

    You haven’t Tried This

    You are exhausted. You have done everything to break free. You’ve been to rehab, psychologists, support groups, maybe even tried doctors and medications. Yet in spite of years of desperate struggle, you are still not free from your addiction! I assure you that one thing you have not tried is the solution offered in Unending Hope for the Exhausted Addict.

    I Know Because…

    “How can you be so sure?” you may ask. I know, because if you had, you would now be free from your present miserable slavery. You would have new power to rule your cravings. You would have new direction in life. You would have full, overwhelming, consuming hope; hope that will catapult you into a whole new lifestyle, leaving your regret and remorse behind. You are exhausted; you need Unending Hope for the Exhausted Addict.

    Your Exhaustion and Brokenness are Qualifications for Hope

    This book harnesses the power of truth that was lost for a thousand years, and has now been recovered. Over the centuries, since its rediscovery, it has revolutionized the lives of millions. It is thrilling news to weary addicts because it doesn’t require you to summon the power to practice some new technique. In fact, if you are truly exhausted and broken, you are a most likely candidate for unending hope. This is not a mystical meander, but a direct and precise beam of light that pinpoints the root of your addiction and shows how that root can be permanently shattered.

    Foreword by Dr. Wayne Mack

    Unending Hope for the Exhausted Addict has a foreword by Dr. Wayne Mack, a prolific author and world leader in his field of Biblical Counseling. Dr. Mack, throughout his 40 years of counseling experience, has seen the living words of God transform many people’s lives. The pages of this work apply this same life-changing truth to your struggles as an addict. Out of the millions of voices, all poking solutions at you, God’s solution towers as the only cure known to man for a craving heart.

    No other Hope

    This truth is your final stopping point; there is no other hope. Sadly, millions of addicts live and die without knowing the message of this book; wasted forever. If you fail to encounter what God says about your addiction and misery, and the bursting hope He holds out to you, you too face similar ruin. Total exhaustion is a reality; so is unending hope. I hold that hope out to you in Unending Hope for the Exhausted Addict.

  • What People Are Saying

    What Readers are Saying:

    The content of this book is very dear to me personally. Four years ago, the Lord used the preaching of this series on addiction, to convict me and change my life. At that stage I thought I was a believer, I knew Gods word, but had no victory over sin in my life. I was deceived, trapped and hopeless, I had prayed to God countless times in sorrow and ashamed, only to rush straight back into sin without giving a thought to the Almighty God. God saved me and changed my life. God is still working in me and changing me. I still experience failures and sorrow and hardship, but the Lord strengthens me and sustains me, and I have certainty I will spend an eternity with God!
    No matter how far you have fallen, there is HOPE in God!
    Jean Schutte (South Africa)

    Just a short note to say thank you for book, “Unending Hope for the Exhausted Addict”. It was really excellent, the way you handled all addiction in the light of Scriptures in such a wonderful and direct way. We have for so long lived under the deception of the world’s ways, no surprise that there are really so few victories over the sin of addiction. I totally agree with Dr. Mack in the foreword in that this book is actually for every single one of us, as we are all of us in our fallen state addicted to sin. So I would wish that every child of God and all others read this book. So many people do deny their addictions, but once they have read this book I am sure they will wonder what kept you long, this should have been done long ago. Thank you again and I am already looking forward to your next work.
    Chris Bornman (South Africa)

    Alan, [a friend] handed me your book on Tuesday evening to read. I started immediately when I got home and set Wednesday apart to finish reading it. What a joy! It speaks to the heart because it comes from the heart. I want to congratulate you on this master task that you completed. It really spoke to me and challenged me. It set my feet on solid ground. I will recommend it to people wherever I go, because this is the type of information everyone needs to know whether an addict or not. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to read through it. I will surely get my own personal copy as soon as I can and pass it on to people.
    Kowie Snyman (South Africa)

    Foreword by Dr. Wayne Mack

    No matter where you travel in the world you will find that there are certain problems that human beings encounter that are not limited to people of certain cultures, nationalities, economic or educational status, race or gender. One of them is the problem of drug abuse on which this book focuses. In this book, Alan Lester helpfully describes what the person who is enslaved to drugs is experiencing; the nature and causes of drug addiction and then provides a biblically based practical solution to the problem. All of this will be useful to the person struggling with the problem and also to those who want to help the drug abuser to overcome the problem. Much of what is written in this tome is addressed to the person struggling with the drug abuse issue. Hence, you will frequently find the author using the word “you”. So this is the kind of book that a person who is addicted to drugs should carefully read. Nevertheless, the information found in this volume will be equally valuable for anyone who wants to be more effective in helping people to put off their enslavement to drugs.

    The approach Alan Lester explains and recommends in this book is not merely a behavioristic, moralistic or simplistic approach. He gives insights and perspectives that go to the root of the problem in a thoroughly biblical and very practical way. One of the things that makes this book unique is the fact that the perspectives on drug abuse presented in it are in keeping with a biblical anthropology. As you read through this volume, you will find solid material that exposes the inaccuracy of the very popular concept that alcoholism and drug abuse are genetic in origin or that they are to be regarded as a disease. Furthermore, since accurately defining a problem is essential for solving a problem, Alan presents a clear, convincing and accurate biblical definition of the true nature of drug abuse. Another valuable factor for dealing successfully with the problem of drug abuse provided by this book is having an understanding of the characteristics of the person who is most likely to become enslaved to this kind of addiction.
    One of the caricatures that is often given of those who reject the popular ideas about drug abuse and insist on using a biblical approach is that all they do is call it a sin and therefore give very superficial and unhelpful counsel. Anyone who will carefully read this book will understand that effectively promoting biblical change involves much more than that. They will be encouraged to facilitate what I call in the biblical counseling courses I teach the key elements of the biblical counseling process. The material found in this manuscript will emphasize and illustrate factors that will provide hope for change, the importance of gathering sufficient information about the person and properly interpreting what the data indicates about the person and his problem. It will also clarify the kinds of instruction a drug abuser needs; the kind of commitment he must make as well as give many valuable strategies and practical ideas for putting off the enslavement to drugs and putting on a new pattern of freedom and godly living.
    I commend Alan Lester for providing the material found in this volume on what has become and is becoming even more so a very common and destructive problem. I am grateful that throughout this book he has manifested an unswerving confidence and unshakable trust in the practical reliability and sufficiency of God’s Word. In this manuscript your attention will be redirected away from the failed and flawed human solutions to the infallible Word of God. It does not float one more theory in an endless barrage of theories on how to solve the problem of drug addiction. Rather, it points to the certainty of God’s eternal truth as the absolute basis by which to live and succeed.
    Dr. Wayne Mack

    Professor of Biblical Counseling at Expositor’s Seminary in Little Rock, Arkansas
    Member of the Academy of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors

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  • The Exhausted Addict Video Series


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